7 Frequently Asked Questions About Bupropion XL

What is Bupropion XL? Who should take it and are there side effects you should know of? We'll answer all these and more as we list down the 7 most frequently asked questions about Bupropion XL.

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Dealing with issues of depression and mood swings makes the good days seem like flukes and the bad days a somehow earned punishment. Getting the right help to control these feelings and seek healthy living proves difficult.

Those seeking medications to help in addition to counseling or diet and lifestyle changes can be apprehensive. Many times these fears come from not knowing enough about the medication.

You may be curious about what Wellbutrin XL can do for you. You might also have heard stories about Wellbutrin and weight loss.

Well, aside from being a drug with a common generic in the form of bupropion XL, we can also answer all of the other questions you have below.

Bupropion XL FAQ

Like any medication, you probably have some pressing questions. We've isolated the most common questions people asked and set out some thorough but understandable answers.

This article is not a bupropion review. As with any medication always check for the best pricing.

1. Usage?

Primarily, bupropion works to treat depression. It does this through mood lifting and improving feelings of well-being. Chemically this is achieved by raising levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain.

This drug is classified as a reuptake inhibitor along with several other antidepressants. The key difference is that others use SSRI or SNRI while Wellbutrin and its generics are NDRI.

Alternative uses for the drug include seasonal affective disorder (sad). This specific type of depression triggers from seasonal changes, most commonly in winter.

It may be prescribed to help quit smoking (though in a specific proprietary brand Zyban). It has a contraindicated use for weight loss.

Bupropion HCL XL should be taken orally with or without food. It is imperative to swallow the pill whole and not to chew or crush it. The drug is designed to have a specific slow-release and breaking the pills can throw off this timing and leave you subject to harmful side effects.

People have differences in their liver function and general conditions. For this reason, dosage may start small and be adjusted by the doctor to find the best effect.

2. Side Effects?

All medications have some side effects. Doctors are careful in deciding the risk between the likelihood of the worse side effects and the issues with initial condition. It is always important to be aware of the side effects to gauge an individual reaction.

Common issues include headache, dry mouth, sore throat, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and constipation. Weightloss, trouble sleeping, increased sweating, and tremors may also be present. Monitor these for increases or sudden changes and tell a doctor if they do.

Serious issues that should be reported include seizure, eye pain, vision changes, widened pupils. Irregular heartbeat, mood changes (agitation, memory loss, confusion, unusual behavior), or sudden weight gain also need to reporting.

As with any medication, a serious allergic reaction may occur. Report any symptom of this, such as rash, swelling of the tongue, itching or swelling in the throat, or severe dizziness and trouble breathing.

3. Interactions?

Drug interactions represent a constant problem for doctors and pharmacists. Different drugs change different processes in the body. Seera l drugs taken in conjunction can create an extra risk of adverse side effects or wholly new effects.

Doctors and pharmacists are trained to understand these interactions. They will caution you against taking certain things with a high risk. They will also give you lists fo medications to avoid.

Finally, they will commonly tell you to contact them before you take anything new to confirm it is not an issue with your current prescriptions.

That said, it is important to be aware of what can be counted as a drug interaction and to check current lists of drug interactions if you have issues.

Be aware of the most likely and most serious interactions. MAO inhibitors taken in conjunction with bupropion can cause a fatal interaction.

This drug may also cause interference with medical tests leading to false positives or abnormal results. Confirm with a doctor anything you are taking so they can be aware if it causes issues with further testing.

4. Precautions?

It benefits you to approach any medication with caution. Side effects and drug interactions are issues with any medication. Discussing the possibilities of problems with a doctor helps you to avoid issues in two ways.

The first is to learn for yourself what to look out for in your health that may indicate a problem. This will help you to be self-aware of deterioration and improvement through treatment.

Secondly, this gives the doctor the best information to determine what medications are and are not right for you. Even if a medication could cause a problem with an interaction, other drugs may be effective without this problem. That is one of the reason there are so many different drugs on the market.

Avoid engaging in activities or taking substances that could lead to indicated side effects. Drinking alcohol or taking marijuana can make you dizzy. Worse, you will be unaware of which substance caused your dizziness.

5. Overdose?

In case of an overdose, drug interaction, or severe side effect know the numbers for poison control centers. In the US call 1-800-222-1222. For other countries check for provincial poison centers.

Overdose symptoms can include hallucinations, rapid heart, seizures, severe confusion, and a loss of consciousness.

6. Storage?

Keep medication stored securely away from pets and children. Medication should be kept in a dark, dry area. Moisture and light can deteriorate pills, especially the coating.

Dispose of medication correctly according to instructions. Flushing or dumping medication can lead to poisoning or fines.

7. Missed Dosage?

Whenever you miss a dose it is important to calculate the time until your next dose. Within four hours of the next dose, it will not act poorly. Do not engage in doubling up or extra pills to boost a dose or cover for a missed dose.

In the same way that the pills should not be broken, a double dose will throw off the release timing and leave you vulnerable to harmful side effects.

Stay Informed

For those dealing with depression and SAD, bupropion XL can be the key to a better life. It is important to know as much as possible about a treatment plan and medication as possible to improve your health.

For other pressing questions on pharmaceuticals and home treatments, check out our blog.

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