Online Pharmacy Safety Requirements

We are committed to helping our customers purchase medications from safe and reliable online pharmacies. You will never find an illegitimate or rogue pharmacy in our search engine database. Every online pharmacy that is listed in has been licensed by its home country, accredited by third-party organizations, and has agreed to our summarized online pharmacy safety requirements below.’s online pharmacies are generally backed by large chains or brick-and-mortar drugstores, and all require a prescription obtained through an in-office doctor’s appointment. does not accept remote-consultation pharmacies or no-prescription pharmacies in its database.

Our 10 “Safety” Commandments

Every pharmacy listed in agrees to the following online pharmacy safety requirements:

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  1. The online pharmacy holds a current and valid state or provincial license.
  2. The pharmacy does not sell any controlled substances outside state or federal regulations.
  3. All transactions are filled and dispensed by the pharmacy stated.
  4. A licensed pharmacist is on staff, and drugs are only dispensed with his or her permission.
  5. The pharmacy does not ship over-the-counter drugs from foreign pharmacies that require a current U.S. license.
  6. The pharmacy follows all laws, regulation, rules, and accepted industry standards that are necessary for their jurisdiction.
  7. No drugs are dispensed without an authentic, validated prescription from the customer’s healthcare practitioner.
  8. The pharmacy must notify of any negative government action in relation to its licensure or illegal dispensing of prescription medications.
  9. The pharmacy agrees that orders will be shipped through the U.S. postal service or an equivalent service that requires a signature upon delivery of the medication.
  10. The pharmacy shares its privacy policy with customers and does not provide customer information to third parties other than to fill orders or to comply with government requirements.

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