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Canada Cloud Pharmacy is a real walk-in Canadian pharmacy located in Vancouver with online services available 24/7. Be wary of other online-only competitors who may not possess the appropriate licenses and provide unregulated services and drugs. You can order your prescription drugs online knowing that you will get fully licensed, legal prescription services from highly qualified, experienced professionals.

Unlike other online pharmacies, you will get the same full service and care that you would get by walking into a store-front pharmacy with all the convenience of online purchasing. Delivery times are FREE and among the fastest in the industry, with the majority of patients receiving their medication in a week or less. You can also find additional discounts with the Canada Cloud Pharmacy coupon found below.

With Canada Cloud Pharmacy, you can choose your preferred method to get your prescription filled: fax, e-mail, phone, or search online. If you are satisfied with the superior service and delivery, please feel free to leave a Canada Cloud Pharmacy Review to let other patients know what they can expect by becoming loyal customers. Browse through the reviews available to see what other customers are saying about us!

Canada Cloud Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Cloud Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy based in Vancouver, BC. The pharmacy is located on 4918 Victoria Dr. A team of experienced pharmacists and technicians working at the centre are always on standby to deliver the highest quality of service to both locals and visitors. The pharmacy was established in 2012 by Pavan D, a respected pharmacist and entrepreneur who is passionate about science and technology. The Vancouverite is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (SFU), a leading public research university and the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The wide range of products available at Canada Cloud Pharmacy includes:

  • Compounds
  • Prescription drugs
  • Medications for relieving allergy, pain, and cough and cold

The other items on offer include expert-recommended toothbrushes, lotions, and creams. The drugs are approved by Health Canada, the Canadian government department responsible for public health. The pharmacy in beautiful Vancouver also runs an integrated medical clinic, where physicians offer various medical services. The experienced medics and pharmacists working at the Cloud Care Clinic are trained to provide highly personalized care to all patients. Besides treatment and issuance of drugs, the team will take time to help patients navigate complex medical plans and insurance. The dispensary is open weekdays and weekends. Special services such as home delivery are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Daily home delivery service for pain and maintenance medication is also available around the clock.

If a customer orders a medication with the tagged “prescription required”, the order must be accompanied by a written prescription from the prescribing doctor. For effective service delivery, the pharmacy will request information about your medical history, list of current medications, and drug allergies along with contact details of the prescribing doctor. This information will be requested when you submit your first order, and is designed to clear up any prescription drug issues.

Buying Medications Online

Canadians looking to buy medications online are strongly advised to visit online pharmacies associated with walk-in stores. The online pharmacy should possess the necessary state authorization and registration. As a buyer, you also need to stick to well-known websites and pharmacy chains operating in Canada and across the border in the US. Observing these guidelines will help safeguard your health and that of your family. It is not uncommon for unregulated online drug stores to illegally sell unapproved medicines, counterfeit drugs, or unapproved new medications. The problem usually affects common medications such as:

  • Sleeping aides
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Narcotic-based pain relievers
  • Maintenance drugs such as blood pressure medications
  • Erectile Dysfunction medications and male enhancements

People purchasing male enhancements usually do so to regain their drive and stamina while those buying weight loss medications are simply looking for ways to manage weight safely. What many people do not know are the hidden dangers in the unregulated online purchases. When you buy drugs online from untrustworthy sources, you are actually exposing yourself to counterfeit drugs, which could harm your health. Studies have shown that counterfeit medications contain suspicious ingredients, including heavy metals, poisons, or even no drug at all. Common poisons found in counterfeit medications include antifreeze, PCBs, and benzopyrenes.

The benefits of buying your drugs online from Canada Cloud Pharmacy include:

  • Delivery fulfillment
  • Authorized online pharmacy
  • Wonderful customer service
  • Seamless online ordering process
  • Amazing money savings through Canada Cloud Pharmacy Coupon

How to Order your Medications from Canada Cloud Pharmacy

Online Orders

Canada Cloud is an online and mail-order pharmacy offering prescription and non-prescription medications to children, teens, and adults. The pharmacy website is enhanced to make it easier for buyers to search for products and brands they need. Once you have found your medications, you need to follow the simple online instructions to complete the order. The pharmacy assistants will request an original Rx before dispensing the ordered medications.

Phone and Email Orders

To order your medications by phone, simply call the Toll-Free number 1-800-901-0041 to speak to a dedicated pharmacy staff. To get your orders filled via email, you need to send your emails to orders@canadacloudpharmacy.com. Attaching the prescription to the email will make the ordering process quicker. The email communication system is secure and confidential.

Mail or Fax Prescription Orders

Canada Cloud Pharmacy is committed to delivering your medication right to your address via the US Postal Service (USPS) service. For quicker deliveries, the Expedite or Express services are recommended. Customers can download and print the prescriptions and order forms from the company website. If a need arises, the pharmacy may request to work with your doctor to perform refills. Once the order is received, a customer service representative will call to confirm the receipt.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy Coupon and Money Saving Tips

One of the benefits of buying or ordering your medications from Canada Cloud Pharmacy is the amazing money-saving deals available. For attractive Canada Cloud Pharmacy coupons, just visit the pharmacy website store. The popular offers include $5 off your next order and $5 off on orders from first-time visitors. The other incentives covered by the Canada Cloud Pharmacy coupon include free shipping, product sales, and promo codes that can be used over and over again. Buyers can also score huge savings by purchasing generic drugs, signing up for the rewards programs, and walking to the clearance section to find discounted items. Generic drugs are usually cheaper but have the same active ingredients as the preferred brands of medicines. You can also speak to the pharmacist at the counter to find out how you can save money on prescription medications you want to buy, such as cheap Over the Counter alternatives.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Cloud Pharmacy has effectively served Vancouver for over 6 years. Over the period, the pharmacy has managed to build a lasting and positive relationship with its customers. The Canada Cloud Pharmacy Reviews on Better Business Bureau Canada, Customer Complaints sheet reveals a clean slate on all the listed items. Most customers ordering prescriptions from the pharmacy appreciate the timely orders, inexpensive prices, and excellent customer service. If you have purchased drugs at Canada Cloud Pharmacy, you can visit eDrugSearch.com to submit your Canada Cloud Pharmacy Reviews and tell others about your experience. The online drug review portal and consumer guide is used by thousands of people every day to compare drug prices, discover top-selling medications, and get free Rx coupons. The resource also offers assistance to people needing prescription drug assistance and expert opinion. As a sign of commitment to its customers, Canada Cloud Pharmacy is a member of the PharmacyChecker.com verification program and College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. Pharmacy Check Rating analyzes best business practices such as safeguards on the privacy of information, pharmacy licensure, and security of online financial information. The pharmacy is also accredited by the CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. If you have a comment about Canada Cloud services or want to offer your Canada Cloud Pharmacy Reviews, you can do so via an online form. As part of Customer Service Relations obligation and social outreach, the pharmacy supports the Kettle Society. The organization is at the forefront of providing care homes to low-income senior citizens in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Shipping Information and Other Fees

For $13.75 Ships Worldwide from Canada.

Shipping Fee


Ship to


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2 weeks

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USPS and Canada Post

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Fax, Email, or Mail

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Phone, Fax, Mail or Website

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All Major Credit Cards

Overnight Delivery

No, however they do offer Express Shipping (ETA 7 days) $25.00

Contact Information

Canada Cloud Pharmacy coupon | Canada Cloud Pharmacy  reviewsCanada Cloud Pharmacy
Vancouver BC V5P 3T6 Canada
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Third Party Approvals

» College of Pharmacists of British Columbia » Pharmacy Checker Verification Program

Pharmacy Type

Retail Online Pharmacy - A Retail online pharmacy has an actual bricks and mortar pharmacy presence (a real walk-in pharmacy). The bricks and mortar pharmacy and the website are one and the same company.

Available Consultation


Max No. per Order

No Restrictions

Range of Prescription

Full Service (More than 500 medications)

Other Products

Over the counter

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