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Shipping Information and Other Fees

For $9.95, Ships to the United States Only from Australia, Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, UK, and US.

Shipping Fee


Ship to

USA Only

Shiping Time

2-4 Weeks

Additional Shipping Fees



U.S. Standard Mail

Submit Prescription By

Fax, Mail, Telephone From Your Doctor

Order By

Fax, Mail, Online, and Phone

Order Fees


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Payment Type

International Money Orders or bank certified checks

Overnight Delivery


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Surrey, BC Canada
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Third Party Approvals

» CIPA - Canadian International Pharmacy Association » Pharmacy Checker Verification Program » International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia

Pharmacy Type

Independent Pharmacy Affiliate - An Independent Pharmacy Affiliate is not an online pharmacy nor do they have the ability to take orders for prescriptions drugs. An independent pharmacy affiliate simply links or refers customers to an Actual Pharmacy or Pharmacy Intermediary website.

Available Consultation


Max No. per Order

No Restrictions

Range of Prescription

Full (More than 500 medications)

Other Products

Over-the-Counter, Vitamins & Supplements, Testing Supplies, and Pet Medications

Refills Provided


Refund Provided


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