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Can you breathe right now? If you suffer from chronic asthma or COPD it's an important question. 

If you depend on regular relief from long-lasting Advair Diskus corticosteroids, you know how expensive it can be.

Studies show that health and well-being are closely related. The consequences of leaving breathing difficulties untreated go far beyond ongoing physical discomfort.

Research shows that pain impacts patients physical health. It also affects mental health and social interactions. It can cause emotional changes like anxiety and depression.

Chronic shortness of breath affects your quality of life. If you miss out on regular activities or have to limit yourself due to fatigue your illness takes a toll.

If you're skipping relief because of the cost of Advair Diskus, let us share some welcome news. There are several ways to reduce the cost of Advair Diskus.

Keep reading this guide to look at your options.

What Is Advair Diskus?

Advair Diskus is a flat circular inhaler. It helps improve lung function. It is used for cough, excess mucus, and shortness of breath.

It's a combination anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator. The medications in Advair Diskus are fluticasone propionate and salmeterol. It is one of the more effective treatments for symptom management of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

It is a twice a day medication. It is not a rescue inhaler. It is usually prescribed in combination with a rescue inhaler. 

Why Is Advair Diskus a Preferred Medication?

Advair Diskus is one of the most preferred forms of long-lasting lung function therapy.  It's prescribed for the management of coughing and shortness of breath symptoms. Advair Diskus opens bronchial passages and reduces inflammation in the air passages.

Fluticasone propionate is an anti-inflammatory. It isn't known how anti-inflammatories work for chronic lung disease. In combination with the long lasting medication salmeterol, the two components work to prevent damage and infection.

Salmeterol is a powder. Used alone it is known to increase the chance of hospitalization or death. Used in combination with fluticasone propionate, chances of serious consequences are not elevated. 

What Does Advair Diskus Cost and What Are the Alternatives?

Depending on the type of chronic lung disease symptoms and severity, different treatments are offered. Prescriptions of combination inhalers, pills or injections may offer some relief. 

These other alternative treatments may have significant downsides. Treatment that is not Advair Diskus may give lesser relief or may have greater chances of significant side effects like hospitalization and infection.

Doctors tend to treat symptoms with lifestyle changes, oral steroids, inhaler-based medications. Often, patients must cycle through several different treatments to find long-term relief. The downsides of the alternatives are significant. 

A single 30-day disc can be nearly $400 for a month's dose. For many people, this means that breathing well is out of reach.  Try these suggestions to reduce the cost of your needed prescriptions.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor is your partner to find affordable symptom control. Sometimes they just need a gentle nudge to prescribe low copay drugs. Ask your doctor to prescribe a generic equivalent whenever possible.

Not all generic drugs are equal. However, there are generic alternates for both of the active ingredients. The combination may not be made exactly as Advair Diskus, but the active ingredients are guaranteed to be the same.  

The active ingredients in Advair Diskus are available in generic form. However, the carrier forms may be slightly different formulations.

Generic drugs can save as much as 30% - 80% off brand-name drugs. Tell your doctor or other healthcare provider that you want to try generics before they write the prescriptions.

Ask for Low-Cost OTC Alternatives When Possible

There are several other options to discuss with your doctor. Many expensive but popular medications are available as over-the-counter formulations. Whenever possible, get these cost-saving alternatives.

For Advair Diskus, there aren't any OTC  possibilities, but your doctor may be able to recommend some non-prescription symptom relief.  For example:

  • Saline rinses to thin secretions
  • Humidifier to increase comfort breathing
  • Cough preparations to loosen mucus
  • Topical rubs to reduce discomfort

Over-the-counter remedies might not give full relief but can relieve symptoms enough to use less costly medication. This can save you money.

Work with Your Insurance Company Formulary

You're allowed to ask for medication that works with your insurance co-pay. Most insurance company websites include a detailed list of medications. Have your doctor or healthcare provider work from this list of preferred drugs first. 

Be aware that co-pays for drugs can vary by a large margin. You may pay more than $100 for brand-name, non-listed formulations. $10 - $25 co-pay is more in line when you select generic or formulary drugs.  

If you are unsure about your Advair Diskus cost, call your insurance company and ask them about your copay for your specific prescription.

Ask for Samples of Your Medication and Alternatives

Your healthcare provider may be able to give you several free samples of your prescription medication. This allows you to explore the relief offered by your selected formulation and the alternatives. This can take you through several months before you run out. 

You may find there is no equivalent substitution available.

You will need to ask for a prescription to the drug that works best after your samples run out. Look at other forms of delivery. Aerosol inhaler, pill, tablet or nebulizer capsule are all alternatives.

Drug cost does not correlate with the dosage amount or potency. This means that the daily dose of anti-inflammatories or bronchodilators can be replicated with a lower cost inhaler or a daily oral tablet.

Speak to your doctor about finding the right solution for you. Some people do not find adequate control of their symptoms when relying on other methods. Remember that Advair Diskus is not a substitute for a rescue inhaler. 

Your Pharmacist Is a Partner in Your Health

Your pharmacist is an important part of your medical team. Keep all your prescriptions and purchases consistent. Use one pharmacy whenever possible.

Pharmacists maintain the history and consistency of your drug treatment. They check for drug interactions, side effects, and allergies. They will consult with your physician at your request to get you the relief you need.

Make sure to inform your pharmacist that you prefer generic medications. In tandem with your doctor, your pharmacist may know alternatives that may be as effective and less expensive than Advair Diskus.

Alternative Payment Methods for Advair Diskus

Medical insurance is your usual first step to pay for prescriptions. However, if you should explore if you are eligible for other methods. For example, look into coverage by Medicare Part D.

If you are at least 65 years old or older, look into Medicare prescription outpatient drug coverage (Medicare Part D). Medicare is for people 65 years of age and older or those with certain disabilities. Negotiated benefits within Medicare reduces the price of some drugs. Watch out though, some drug prices increase if you use Medicare.

If COPD or other chronic lung ailments affect the quality of your life and you meet certain income standards, RxAssist or NeedyMeds may also be able to assist you. These websites have listings of medical resources for low-income families.

Always Comparison Shop

Compare several pharmacy prices for prescription drugs. You will find up to a 10% difference in the full cash price between competing pharmacies. This is for the exact same brand-name drug!

Higher volume pharmacies tend to carry low-cost generic drugs for their most popular prescriptions. High-volume chains also have better negotiating power with manufacturers to determine prices. 

Don't forget mail-order pharmacies. Take the option to order your Advair Diskus through mail-order, if available. You can save money. 

Many insurance companies offer reduced copays or other incentives to use mail-order of bulk prescriptions. One Advair Diskus lasts a month, so a year's prescription purchased once and stored properly will easily last through the year. Instead of purchasing monthly, make your purchase only once. 

Your Medicare or insurance plan possibly offers significant savings if you go through the plan's mail-order pharmacy. This route is especially preferred by most plans if you're ordering a bulk supply.

Not All Mail Order or Online Pharmacies Are Equal

Make a little time to look into well-rated and tested online pharmacies. the internet is everywhere and scams are possible. After all, "no one on the internet knows you are a dog" is one of the oldest memes.

You can easily get overwhelmed with options. Don't look at prices only. Avoid unregulated pharmacies from foreign countries or untested websites. Do not waste your money on what could be adulterated or mislabeled drugs.

Try Local

Small, independent pharmacists that you can speak with are invaluable. They may have more discretion to discuss different formulations or alternatives. Larger chains may offer discounts for new patients, additional pharmacy discounts, or in-house discounts on request.

Just ask! There are even some pharmacy discount programs that can save the equivalent of a full co-payment for each use. 

Explore the Manufacturer Discounts

GSK, the manufacturer of Advair Diskus, offers a program for people who cannot afford their medication. They also offer Advair Diskus coupon for new or renewed prescriptions. 

Not all pharmacies accept discount vouchers. Ask in advance! On the other hand, some pharmacies may offer a discount in addition to the manufacturer's discount. 

Why Risk Your Health On an Untried Pharmacy?

Were you aware that drugs marketed abroad are not evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? Drugs may be offered without a doctor's oversight. There is zero guarantee of a drug's legitimacy.   

The buyer is at risk because the FDA has no jurisdiction. The safety, potency, or effectiveness of imported drugs, is at the whim of the seller. The drugs you receive could be mislabeled, incorrect potency or expired. 

The solution? 

Order Your Medication Only From a Trustworthy Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy features the cost comparison tools you need. One speedy search can save up to 90% off the full price on all your prescription drugs, including Advair Diskus. It's simple.

Type your brand-name into the search bar. Our website returns a list of fully-licensed, well-vetted Canadian pharmacies. All sell online.

You can almost always find a large discount compared to more traditional pharmacies. Our website allows convenient side-by-side comparisons of costs. It includes impartial reviews, detailed product information, and a forum for any unanswered questions.

You have the power to determine which option best meets your needs based on real information. The search engine returns only verified pharmacy listings. Our process is stringent and detailed.  

Every option we list on our website must meet our safety standards.

The pharmacy must require a prescription. The pharmacists must have a valid and verified license. Record-keeping must be proven secure and encrypted.

Looking for Advair Diskus Right Now?

If you're ready to find out about how we can save you money on your Advair Diskus prescription, there is no reason to get in your car.

No driving. No long lines. No telephone busy signals or hold music.

Just a quick website visit at any time, from your home or office, will start the process. Your prescriptions will be safely and quickly delivered with discretion. 

A fast review to save on prescription medicines:

  • Make your doctor and pharmacist aware of your preferences
  • Explore manufacturer and pharmacy coupons and voucher
  • Order more than one month at a time
  • Look at your online or mail-order options
  • Know what to look for in your online options

We provide a verified search tool. No more worries and no more rationing or skipping medications. If you cannot afford Advair Diskus, there are ways to make the prescription cost less.  For more information on finding the best pharmacies and the medicines you need at the best price, keep reading our blog. 

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