How to Save on The Cost of Bystolic Prescription Medication

How to Save on The Cost of Bystolic Prescription Medication

Here is an in-depth guide packed with tips on how to cut down on the cost of Bystolic prescription medication each month.

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Prescription prices can be steep for those with high co-pays or limited access to health insurance. And, meds that are new to the market, like Bystolic, carry a higher price tag than most. This article provides strategies for how to save on the cost of Bystolic prescription medication.

What is Bystolic (Nebivolol)?

Bystolic (Nebivolol) is a prescription medication for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart failure.

Bystolic belongs to the subset group of medications, called Beta-blockers. A Beta-blocker restricts the production of epinephrine or adrenaline.

According to the Mayo Clinic beta-blockers might not work well in people of "African heritage and older people". This is more likely when a beta-blocker is the primary or sole blood-pressure medication being taken.

If you take any medication to keep your heart rate up, you should not take Bystolic or any beta-blocker. If your heart beats slowly, irregularly, or skips beats, do not take Bystolic.

Why It's Prescribed

If diuretics prove ineffective to treat your high blood pressure, your doctor may prescribe a beta-blocker, such as Bystolic.

A beta-blocker is not the primary treatment for high blood pressure. But it may be prescribed alongside calcium channel blockers, diuretics, or angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

Ways to Save Money on The Cost of Bystolic Prescriptions

Bystolic is a high-priced, name-brand medication that goes by the generic name, Nebivolol. A generic option has yet to come to the market, and the cost of Bystolic is prohibitively expensive for those with limited health coverage.

If you have a prescription for Bystolic, save money on your next refill with these tips:

1. Use Our Online Pharmacy

The fact is the cost of your prescription differs, depending on the pharmacy you go to. As Martin Shkreli showed the world in 2015, big pharma CEO's can hike the price of medications at their leisure.

Our prescription search tool lets you find the cheapest price for your high blood-pressure prescriptions. From the prescription search homepage, you can choose from a list of widely searched medications, or enter a custom search.

When you identify your prescription you will see comparative pricing from all the top online pharmacies in Canada.

Vetting Your Virtual Options

The price of your prescriptions will vary depending on your online pharmacy of choice. Unless you vet the market, there is no way to know if an online pharmacy is ripping you off.

European regulations, concerning how pharmacies determine the price of medicine, is different from Canadian regulations. And, prescription pricing in the United States continues to be virtually unregulated.

Overall, compared to Canada and Europe, U.S. prescription prices are wildly out of control. Even if you live in the United States, you can get discounted prescriptions by using our Canadian online pharmacy.

Online pharmacies are for-profit companies, so you need to be careful to choose a pharmaceutical provider you can trust. All you have to do is to compare our prescription pricing with that of the competition.

Our online pharmacy gives you the best price per pill on the cost of Bystolic. Other pharmacies can charge over $5 per 20mg pill of Bystolic. At our pharmacy, you can fill the same prescription for as little as 89 cents per pill.

2. Apply a Bystolic Coupon

The pharmaceutical industry is just like any other, in that, it exists to turn a profit. So, pharma companies vie for the attention of new customers with deals, promotions, and discounts on meds, like Bystolic. You should ask your doctor about financial assistance for your Bystolic prescription.

Our pharmacy offers Bystolic coupons for 2.5mg, 5mg,10mg, and 20mg prescriptions. And, find out if you qualify for AARP prescription discounts. AARP assistance programs can save you over 60 percent on the cost of Bystolic.

3. Go Generic

The best way to save money on the cost of any prescription medication is to get an equivalent generic alternative. Generic Bystolic is called Nebivolol, but it has yet to become available on the market. Since a purpose-made generic Bystolic is not available, ask your doctor about cheaper generic alternatives.

The two most commonly prescribed medications that substitute Bystolic, are metoprolol and carvedilol.

Both of these beta-blockers are cheaper than Bystolic. And, like Bystolic, they are proven to provide a survival benefit in patients at risk of heart failure. Ask your doctor about replacing your Bystolic prescription with metoprolol or carvedilol.

For a secondary high blood-pressure beta-blocker medication, ask your doctor about atenolol, nadolol, and propranolol.

There is plenty of high-quality, inexpensive, generic blood-pressure medications available. Bystolic is a newcomer to the beta-blocker scene, which is why the price is so high. And, that is why the Consumer Reports Health review of the best prices for blood pressure medication does not feature Bystolic.

Save on Prescription Medication without Insurance

The only way that most drugs are affordable to average people is health insurance. Even when you buy generic, pharmacies can wildly inflate the price of your medication, making it impossible for you to get your meds without health insurance

Void of insurance, CVS, Walgreens, and almost any other pharmacy determines the cost of generic meds from the price of the name brand medication.

For example, a name brand medication costs $10 per pill to the consumer, so the pharmacy sets the generic price at $8 per pill. The pharmacy buys its supply of brand-name pills for $7 per pill and makes a profit of 30 percent. The generic only costs $1 per pill for the pharmacy, but they upcharge each pill 800 percent.

This standard of pricing generic medications makes prescriptions, like Bystolic, unreasonably expensive for those without insurance. But, pharmacies are not required to astronomically upcharge generic brand medication prices-and some don't.

Even though it is a membership-only warehouse, the Costco pharmacy is open to non-members. It is illegal for a pharmacy to offer exclusive deals in exchange for a membership, so anyone can use the Costco pharmacy. And, every pharmacy holds to a standard of pricing for generic medications which is relative to the wholesale price.

If the Costco pharmacy pays $8 for the name-brand and sells them to customers at $10 per pill, it is a 20 percent upcharge from the wholesale price. Likewise, the price of generics will cost 20 percent over wholesale.

So, unlike other pharmacies in the example, you will only pay $1.20 per pill. It is the difference of $300 at most local pharmacies, to $30 at Costco. If you don't have insurance, ask a Costco pharmacist about the availability and generic cost of Bystolic pills.

4. Choose a 90-Day Supply

Most prescription medications are a 30 day supply. But, did you know that you can get up to a 90 day supply at once? And, a 90 day supply cuts down on the cost of Bystolic and other pricey medications.

Whenever you buy a product in bulk the price per product decreases. This concept is the same for prescription Bystolic medication. The cost of Bystolic decreases, the more pills you buy at once.

The other benefit of a 90 day supply, is that you can go longer without worrying about your prescription refills. Just ask your doctor to write a prescription for a 90 day supply of Bystolic. Then, find the best prices for your 90-day Bystolic prescription from our online pharmacy.

5. Buy a Higher Dosage and Split It

Splitting pills is a simple and effective way to cut down on the cost of Bystolic prescription medication. Most medications are the same price, regardless of the dosage strength. So, pharmacies charge the same price for 90 tablets of 5mg Bystolic as they do for 90 tablets of 20mg Bystolic.

This hack is widely used by patients all over the world to save on the cost of their prescription medications. But, this method is only reliable for medications that come in a tablet form. If your medication is in a capsule form, splitting doses is a bit more complex.

You can split medications in capsules, but you must split the contents into another capsule. You can buy bulk pill capsule casings in a variety of sizes. But, you must be extremely careful to accurately measure the content being removed, as to ensure your dosage is correct.

If you have tablet medications, you can simply split the pill in half or in quarters.

Pill splitters are a one-time expense and most are less than $10. If you are prescribed 5mg doses of Bystolic, you can extend your medication four times by splitting 20mg Bystolic tablets into quarters. And, you only pay a quarter the cost of Bystolic at pharmacy checkout.

Splitting Pills Safely

You must ask your doctor if it is safe to split your pills. Some pills have a coating on the exterior that protects your stomach. Do not split these pills, as the exposure can be harmful to your digestive tract.

Always check with your doctor or pharmacist as to whether your medication can be split safely and accurately. Do not split pills by hand, with scissors, or a knife. Only split pills with a purpose-built pill-splitting device.

The easiest way to tell if you can split your pill is to look at the medication label. Your medication package will include an insert from the FDA if the medication is approved to be split. Also, a pill made to be split feature a score down the center, or in quarters.

6. Ask Your Doctor for Samples

Your doctor can give you samples of medication before you commit to a treatment plan. This is a great way to test out the effect of a medicine, and a little way to save on the cost. But, this is a one-time solution.

If you ask for samples on an ongoing basis, your doctor will say no. But, if you have a month that is particularly tight on your budget, your doctor might be able to give you a sample to get you through.

Your doctor is your main medical advocate and confidant, so tell them about your financial standing as it relates to the cost of Bystolic. Doctors are unlikely to inquire as to your financial state, but they have resources at their disposal to assist patients with their prescriptions.

Despite their Hippocratic Oath, drug manufacturers pursue physicians to peddle their medications. Ask your doctor why Bystolic is right for you, and what other alternatives exist. If they seem to be pedaling pills for big-pharma, find a better doctor.

7. Review Your Insurance Plan Regularly

Health insurance is a key player in the decision making around your medical treatments. The cost of Bystolic will be different because of your insurances co-pay. Some insurance will require a $5 copay for Bystolic, whereas others require $50.

You can see a readout of the coverage and copay details from your health insurance companies drug formulation list. It includes the generic versions and brand-name medications covered under your plan, and how much the copay is for each.

Buy Bystolic Online Today

You don't need to take out another home mortgage to afford your monthly medications. Use our online search tool to find the cheapest Nebivolol and Bystolic. Our online pharmacy can save you up to 90 percent off the cost of Bystolic.

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