Are TV ratings sweeps good for your health?

From’s hometown paper, the San Antonio Express-News, via Kevin M.D.:

Oh no, I woke with a headache. Boy, do I feel tired! Does that mean I’m at risk for a stroke? I moved around extra slowly and carefully just in case.

What got me worrying was Monday night’s Tanji Patton report on WOAI’s 10 p.m. news: “A warning for women.” It told how two women suffered a stroke, out of the blue at widely different ages, one was 49; the other was 15 when she had her first, and suggested that women who show any similar health signs (like that nagging headache) might want to get their blood levels checked and consider lifestyle changes.

Yikes! I immediately made plans for earlier bedtimes and better food choices. But before doing anything drastic like throw away my chocolate bars, I remembered something. And my mind was put at ease, at least a bit. It’s one of those months, I realized, when TV news operations try to put viewers on edge, make us fearful, a bit jumpy, so as to compel us to watch their newscasts.

It’s February sweeps…

Sad but true.

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