This is truly ridiculous. Bud Selig has done NOTHING to stem the flow of ILLEGAL steroids into the asses of Major League Baseball players for the past 20 years — and now he’s blaming the problem on INTERNET PHARMACIES? Are you kidding me?

Here’s the story on CNET, headlined, Baseball chief invites stiffer online-pharmacy laws.

I would really like to go into a full-scale rant right now — but I am almost too verklempt to apply fingers to keyboard. Online pharmacies are such a whipping boy today (thanks to the lobbying $$$ of Big Pharma) that even Selig sees them as a scapegoat for his own completely incompetent handling of the steroids issue.



One Response to Is Bud Selig REALLY going to try to pin the blame for baseball’s steroid problem on online pharmacies?

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